The essence of myBigBrag is to restore “life images” for people to celebrate and enjoy on their home walls, screens, on their clothes, or, in fact, anywhere.
We offer a full photo Restoration and Repair service.
We restore damaged or lost images to life.
We have donated for peace.
Join us and help build a World Peace Bell in Canberra.
Supporters of the Canberra Peace Bell can claim tax deductibility.

A sad story. Lost photos.

The sad story is that I lost the photo! But with extensive research I was able to find a version, edit it into a frame and create.

Sad story 2.

Bought this BSA in 1969 but again lost the photo. This one was found and edited into a frame so it could be added to my album.

Powerpoint presentations.

We animate your still photos with movement, soundFX and music to thrill an audience. Present as slide show or movie.

Make old new again.

Forget old fashioned books. We retouch, restore colour vibrance and help you find a better way to store your cherished images.

We build
We have donated for peace.
Join us and help build a World Peace Bell in Canberra.
Supporters of the Canberra Peace Bell can claim tax deductibility.

Canberra Art Workshop.

Canberra Art Workshop is a thriving studio centre for the arts in the M16 Artspace. Canberra Art Workshop is a non-profit body. It is self-funded; owned and operated by members. We re-designed their website early in 2016.

Canberra World Peace Bell.

The Canberra World Peace Bell Project website has been established to help the Rotary Club of Canberra Burley Griffin build a World Peace Bell in Nara Park. We have built the site for free as our contribution to peace.

Rick Cochrane Art.

Rick Cochrane. Visual artist.
Rick runs short course art classes in a variety of media. He works with students from beginners to highly skilled.
He is currently exhibiting at Bungendore Woodworks.

The Framing Store.

The framing Store, Braddon is the latest website we have created.
It is a refreshing update from the VERY old fashioned previous site.
Staff are enthused again, and customers find it much easier to get information before visiting the store in Mort Street.
And if you love history, the building they are in was built in 1964 especially to house The Australian Newspaper!

I have had the pleasure of working with Chris from mybigbrag on the Canberra World Peace bell website.
One great creative idea was his combining of the photo of Nara Park with an overlay of a ghostly “fan” design which was the inspiration for Lauren in the architectural design. He also shot our video on “green screen” and superimposed images of our designs behind the model of the proposed gazebo.
Fred Kasparek | Kasparek Architects


Ask any question.


Christopher Gray | A passion for design.
With over 40 years Graphic Design experience Chris has many skills to enhance your pictorial life. He can show you the best way to scan old pictures to your PC or Mac.


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