This page is full of the latest news about Apple apps and technology, or quick videos showing how to scan a photograph or how to remove scratches from a photograph.
Expertise and tips gained from over 40 years in the design industry. Or just plain, good old-fashioned information.
We take pride in helping people restore their old loved pictorial but worn memories.
And we love showing how to get the best out of your iMac, iPad and iPhones. Sorry Android lovers.

Learn how to preserve your images from the experts.

National Film & Sound Archives can show you how. — ..Follow our link to the NFSA website and you will be treated with a huge range of tips to preserve your old photos, films, videos and artworks. This link shows HOME preservation techniques NOT...

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De-clutter your house

How to de-clutter your home. — We collect many things in our lives. If you have an extended family who love to send printed cards for birthdays, Christmas, Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day, Valentines' Day, or whatever, you can build up a huge space consuming collection!...

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Etching on a coffee mug

Etch your art on a coffee mug with mybigbrag.au — As Caylin Harris explains: with etching cream, you can make a permanent mark on items in any design you like. Just stick a stencil to the item you want to personalise, apply the etching cream and...

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Old camera

We can restore bright colour to this. — While the old cameras are nostalgic and interesting pieces of memorabilia, the photos taken with them have usually faded by now. We can restore their original beatiful bright...

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Removing unwanted people from photos

Removing unwanted people from photos. 6 JANUARY 2017 Remove ex-wives. Remove ex-husbands. Remove unwanted objects. Exciting news for divorcees left with BAD tastes in their mouth from bitter divorces! We can remove the unwanted person from your precious photos. Very...

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Image quality is paramount

Image quality is paramount. 2 JANUARY 2017 Retouching. Re-take the photo. Find an alternative. Convert to art. When showing photographs on Printed paper or on Screens, the most important thing is a quality image! But you cannot always start with a good quality image....

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Create new from old series: Part 2 Photoshop

Create new from old series: Start restoring in Photoshop 28 NOVEMBER 2016 Restore old images. Bigger photos. Better colour. Clearer sharpness. The better way. The video below shows the next point in creating great new, better and bigger photos. We start showing what...

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Create new from old series: Part 1 Scanning

Create new from old series: Scan 27 NOVEMBER 2016 Scan old images. Bigger photos. Better display. Sad story. Cannot see the faces. That was the way of old photo storage. Grandma's Brag book (there's that word) was a popular 1970s way for people to store and show their...

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Create art from old photos

Create art from old photos. 15 OCTOBER 2016 Weak old photo. Art. Great display. Some old photos can be restored to pristine condition, but unfortunately, many cannot. So we offer a unique design service that restores the old images and creates funky art with them....

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Tip: photos stuck together

Tip: photos stuck together? 7 OCTOBER 2016 Restoring a photo with severe damage can be quite difficult. If more than half of a subject's face is damaged, you might not be able to repair it without the assistance of a professional. Do not rip photos apart that are...

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What is a BigBrag?

FAQ Common questions about celebrating with MyBigBrag. This is MyBigBrag. MyBigBrag offers a full scan, retouching and photograph restoration service. Learn more at www.mybigbrag.com.au/photos Old photographs re-touched. All scratches removed. Sizes increased within...

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I have had the pleasure of working with Chris from mybigbrag on the Canberra World Peace bell website.
One great creative idea was his combining of the photo of Nara Park with an overlay of a ghostly “fan” design which was the inspiration for Lauren in the architectural design. He also shot our video on “green screen” and superimposed images of our designs behind the model of the proposed gazebo.
Fred Kasparek | Kasparek Architects


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Christopher Gray | A passion for design.
With over 40 years Graphic Design experience Chris has many skills to enhance your pictorial life. He can show you the best way to scan old pictures to your PC or Mac.


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