Wordpress websites.

WordPress optimised websites.

Cooeeweb includes WordPress training for local customers in many of their packages.


Website design, construction and maintenance can be purchased from our sister website, Cooeeweb.com.au

They can produce WordPress websites – like this one – inexpensively but with great creativety.

They carefully look at your branding and ensure the UI, AI, SEO and UX are targeted to create a website that works and is memorable. Used a lot of acronyms here didn’t we. All it really means is that viewers of the website can navigate the site efficiently, and get the information they need quickly. Especially pricing structures.

So, how much do they charge for a website?
That depends of course on what you need to include in the site. But on average, a productive small business website costs $3000.

We they also offer Startups a way of getting a website without upfront payment. That could really help cash-flow!

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