Sustainable prices.

Prices listed below are guidelines. It is only after viewing/discussion about your images that an accurate price can be given.
Photo restoration prices are not based on the size of the original, but rather the damage and the restoration level you require. Remember that if the original is of poor photographic quality or out of focus, only minor sharpening can be achieved and limited results will occur. Talk to us and email an example and we can offer advice.

Here’s what you can achieve.

The minimum price for a single image is $150.
That includes a personal meeting near me in Watson ACT.
Discounts can be made for multiple image restoration.


For every 10 images restored — pay only for the price of 5.

Basic restore.

Retouching $40–$55 each
This improves the general appearance of a photograph. The image is considerably improved with obvious scratches, spots and creases in non-essential areas repaired. Brightness and contrast and minor colour adjustments are made.

Moderate Restore.

Restoration $75–$95
This is a more in-depth restoration where some reconstruction and more detailed work is carried out. Removal of major tears, scratches, cracks, and slight crazing.  Replacement of partial faces and bodies. Tonal adjustment and replacement of missing areas in non essential areas such as the background or foreground.  Fading (minor) and colour restored.

Basic Plus restore.

Restoration $55–$75 each

A fuller restoration where the damage is due to wear and tear and does not greatly compromise the important areas of the photo.  Removal of medium spots and blemishes in non-essential areas and some minor reconstruction if required.

Major Restore.

Restoration $120–$170 each
Significantly damaged photographs, replacement of missing areas or reconstruction.  Age damage and discoloured photos.  Badly faded, photo in pieces or badly torn.  Reconstruction due to bad mildew or mould infection.  Old photographs, reconstruction of buildings, clothing and objects requiring research. Photos from damaged negatives.
Example of a Basic Restoration.

Our art conversion prices.

Basic artwork.

Conversion $50
This adjusts the normal tones of a black and white photo to line work and hand colouring to create a dramatic and bright art piece.

Moderate art conversion.

Conversion $100
This is a more in-depth restoration conversion to art/colouring of a mono photograph. More realistic conversion from black and white photography to colour photography.

Basic Plus conversion to art.

Conversion $75

This adjusts the normal tones to line work and a more complex process of hand colouring to create a dramatic and bright art piece.

Major conversion.

Conversion $150
In-depth conversion of old photographs, reconstruction of buildings, clothing and objects requiring research. Photos coloured from black and white original from information supplied or researched.

Our movie prices.

Hollywood trailer editing.

Editing $150
We can provide you with a Hollywood trailer style video from your raw video and descriptive information.
And we will set up a YouTube account for you for FREE.

Slide shows.

Creation starts from $275
Please discuss your next project with us and we will provide you with an accurate quote.
And your show can be in Powerpoint form or as a movie.

Wear and enjoy.


We have our very own striking T-shirt designs. The “Suburbs of Canberra” Theme is our first in a series to come in the near future.

Complex art for everything.

Artwork $250
We can create your very own striking branding. Our Vector artwork can be used at ANY size with perfect quality. For example, it could be ALL THE SUBURBS YOU LIVED IN. As per this example.

Coffee cups.

FREE with art conversions.

The artwork we created in the Art Conversion above can be used for any wearable. Including coffee mugs, T’s etc.

Unique backgrounds.

Combined artwork $250
We can create your very own striking branding. Our artwork can be used at large sizes with perfect quality.
I will advise on the printing size.
I supply 2 files, combined and your photo separately.
I have had the pleasure of working with Chris from mybigbrag on the Canberra Rotary World Peace Bell website. Chris designed and built the site.
He also shot and edited all the videos on the site. Photos used were modified and artistically altered to gain the maximum exposure for each photo.
One great creative idea was his combining of the photo of Nara Park with an overlay of a ghostly “fan” design which was the inspiration for Lauren Kasparek in the architectural design.
Michael Rabey

LJHooker and The Rotary Club of Canberra Burley Griffin, Canberra Rotary World Peace Bell


Ask any question.

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