Common questions about celebrating with MyBigBrag.
This is MyBigBrag.
MyBigBrag offers a full scan, retouching and photograph restoration service.
Old photographs re-touched. All scratches removed. Sizes increased within reason.
Early colour photos brought back to life with bright vibrant colour.
Powerpoint presentations from your images and words.
MyBigBrag shows you how to get the best out of technology with up-to-date digital show pieces.
Firstly scan your damaged photo at as high a resolution as possible (MUST BE AT LEAST 600dpi at same size). Scan the photograph in colour and include any background material you want to show. For example a scan of about an A5 sized image at 600dpi will create a TIFF file (about) 8mb. At a 1200dpi TIFF will be 30mb!
1200dpi allows us to provide you with a file that can be printed on paper at A3 size (420mmx297mm) or (16”x12”). These scans can be used at 6000x4000px size on screens. That will show beautiful images on even huge TVs.
600pdi allows us to provide you with a file that can be printed on paper at A4 size. These scans can be used at full size on computer screens.
Email it to [email protected] or better still upload on our How to use us pageWe will promptly contact you with an estimation of costs.

More technical information.
Still need help? Send us a note!
For any other questions, please write us at [email protected]

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