Frequently asked questions.
Here are some common questions about MyBigBrag.

How are our prices determined?
We believe in making pricing as clear as possible. But with a complex issue like photo retouching, with all the variations that can arise, we have started our pricing structure by offerring you “groupings”. They are:

Basic restore.
Retouching Range $20–$35
Basic Plus restore.
Retouching Range $35–$55
Moderate restore.
Retouching Range $55–$80
Major restore.
Retouching Range $100–$150

The above prices only give you a broad feeling for your investment.

The reason we ask that is so we can offer you an EXACT quote for your work. We can also off you a reduced rate based on the number of images you wish to restore. The more images the greater the chance of discounts!

What file-format should I submit?
Follow our simple instructions. Firstly scan your damaged photo at the highest resolution as possible (SHOULD BE AT LEAST 600dpi at same size) but we prefer 1200dpi for images that are to be PRINTED on PAPER. Scan the photograph in colour (even if it is black & white) and include the full image area.
If an image is ONLY to be shown on SCREENS, then 300dpi may be acceptable.
For more information about files and sizes, go to:
What is your minimum order quantity?
There is no minimum order.

However you will save money with multiple restorations.

How much do I have to pay to get started?
You DO NOT pay anything upfront!

We will invoice after our proofs are signed-off.

After the invoice is paid, we will supply you with the final files.

I have had the pleasure of working with Chris from mybigbrag on the Canberra World Peace bell website.
One great creative idea was his combining of the photo of Nara Park with an overlay of a ghostly “fan” design which was the inspiration for Lauren in the architectural design. He also shot our video on “green screen” and superimposed images of our designs behind the model of the proposed gazebo.
Fred Kasparek | Kasparek Architects


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