The 2010s were the start of retirement for me. Winding down my Graphic Design / Advertising business —Spincreative — began.

By 2014 I had officially retired.

But that didn’t last long. While I started to restore old family photos others showed interest in their photos being restored. Before long MyBigBrag was born. My new business venture but one with a clear business plan of semi-retirement.

With time up my sleeve to get about town and talk with old friends and compatriots, I was quickly encouraged to build a few charity websites!

Some of those turned into paid work and new paid projects started to come on board.

Cooeeweb was born!

While I still call my self semi-retired some days are full to the brim with paid and un-paid work.

But you know the fact is I love creating.

2017: 01

Belemore cover.

A neighbour of my mothers needed a cover for the history of her family. The image is my design that was gratefully accepted and printed.

I have no images of the inside layout as I did not create that.

Cover of 'How magic happens' cover
Cover of 'How magic happens' cover

2018: 01

How Magic Happens book.

Nancy Tingey was introduced to me by an old graphic design friend who had really retired from book production.
Nancy’s intriguing story is contained within the book you will see in this project.

2019: 01

Ann Ryan: Notes from the past

Occasionally I make correct decisions!

During 2019 I decided to change the marketing thrust of MyBigBrag website — my photo restoration business — from a corporate style to a very personal promotion of me as an individual graphic designer, local person, with years of experience on offer for competitive prices.

Ann Ryan was looking for someone in Canberra to restore a huge collection of old photos from her amazing life. When she found my website — with my face splashed everywhere — she was convinced she should talk to me.

Initially, I thought we were just restoring the photos for her family but eventually that became a production of 190 pages plus hardcovers with a print run of 20 copies that Ann planned to distribute to close family.

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