Create art from old photos.
Weak old photo.
Great display.
Some old photos can be restored to pristine condition, but unfortunately, many cannot.
So we offer a unique design service that restores the old images and creates funky art with them.
Interesting results can be achieved at low cost.
We can create an image that can be printed or shown at a much larger size than the original could ever be shown.

How to fix faded colours.

Many photos stored incorrectly are damaged by sunlight.
Direct or even indirect sunlight fades colour prints very quickly. In fact even photos shot in the 2000s!
This example was taken only a few years ago really – in 2003 – but was already so faded, it was hard to see the people. Luckily it was a professional photograph so I knew there was good sharpness hidden under the fading.
MyBigBrag result is very satisfying.

‘Hand’ retouching old photos

Lately, I have found a few old photos that were ‘hand retouched’ at some stage. That is, painted over with ink or paint on top of the photo to try to fix imperfections. Obviously these would have been done some time ago – before electronic photo restoration – and...

Expert tuition on how to preserve your images.

Expert tuition from the best. — ... Follow our link to the NFSA website and you will be treated with a huge range of tips to preserve your old photos, films, videos and artworks. This link shows HOME preservation techniques NOT COMMERCIAL....

De-clutter your house

How to de-clutter your home. — We collect many things in our lives. If you have an extended family who love to send printed cards for birthdays, Christmas, Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day, Valentines' Day, or whatever, you can build up a huge space consuming collection!...

Old camera

We can restore bright colour to faded photos. — While old cameras are nostalgic and interesting pieces of memorabilia, the photos taken with them have usually faded by now. MyBigBrag can restore them to their original beautiful bright colours. OR even better. Please...

Removing unwanted people from photos

Removing unwanted people from photos. 6 JANUARY 2017 Remove ex-wives. Remove ex-husbands. Remove unwanted objects. Exciting news for divorcees left with BAD tastes in their mouth from bitter divorces! We can remove the unwanted person from your precious photos. Very...

Image quality is paramount

Image quality is paramount. 2 JANUARY 2017 Retouching. Re-take the photo. Find an alternative. Convert to art. When showing photographs on Printed paper or on Screens, the most important thing is a quality image! But you cannot always start with a good quality image....

Create new from old series: Part 2 Photoshop

Create new from old series: Start restoring in Photoshop 28 NOVEMBER 2016 Restore old images. Bigger photos. Better colour. Clearer sharpness. The better way. The video below shows the next point in creating great new, better and bigger photos. We start showing what...

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