The essence of myBigBrag is to restore “life images” for people to celebrate and enjoy on their home walls, screens, on their clothes, or, in fact, anywhere.
We offer a full photo Restoration and Repair service.

We restore damaged or lost images to life.

We have donated for peace.

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FREE software advice

There is plenty of FREE or inexpensive apps out there to create movies.
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Sad story 2.

Bought this BSA in 1969 but again lost the photo. This one was found and edited into a frame so it could be added to my album.

Powerpoint presentations.

We animate your still photos with movement, soundFX and music to thrill an audience. Present as slide show or movie.

Make old new again.

Forget old fashioned books. We retouch, restore colour vibrance and help you find a better way to store your cherished images.

I have had the pleasure of working with Chris from mybigbrag on the Canberra Rotary World Peace Bell website. Chris designed and built the site.
He also shot and edited all the videos on the site. Photos used were modified and artistically altered to gain the maximum exposure for each photo.
One great creative idea was his combining of the photo of Nara Park with an overlay of a ghostly “fan” design which was the inspiration for Lauren Kasparek in the architectural design.
Michael Rabey

LJHooker and The Rotary Club of Canberra Burley Griffin, Canberra Rotary World Peace Bell


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