Faded colour.

Faded can be fixed by us.

Restore colour.

 We can make them bright again.
With Photograph restoration and retouching.

Super creative WordPress websites.

Your small business can afford a great website.

Holiday slide shows.

We create exciting slideshows from your photographs.

Restore damaged photos.

We scan, repair and restore old black & white photos.

Super creative slide-show of cars.

Show-off all your vehicles. Cars, bikes, boats, planes, go-carts, everything!

Restore old photos.

Restore old family photos. We scan and retouch cracked photographs, complete quick image restoration, fix damaged photos, digitally restore water damaged photographs. Brighten faded colour photos from the 60s!

Screen wallpapers.

Scan and show off your restored photos to your iMac or PC. Or your iPad and iPhone. Fantastic gifts for the modern family. Get the best out of your Macs and devices. We can supply animated slideshows or even stop-motion movies.

Image created and printed on a coffee mug of Hazel and Bob with caption BONDI days

Creative websites.

Whether you own a large or small business, we can create a powerful WordPress website – like this one – economically and quickly.
And include a shopping cart as we have on this site, very easily and link to PayPal as well.

ways to start.


We will respond quickly with a quote. On acceptance of our quote, we will create your proof in a few days.

You upload.

Magic by us.  Proofs to you. You accept. We send you Final image(s).

We scan.

Magic by us.  Proofs to you. You accept. We send you Final image(s).

We scan.

Magic by us.  Proofs to you. You accept. We send you Final image(s).

Call us on 0411 725 867 or email on [email protected] or send a message using the form below.
We’ll get back to you promptly to discuss your project.
Like to know more?

Tell us about your photo problems.

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Christopher Gray | A passion for design.
With over 40 years Graphic Design experience Chris has many skills to enhance your pictorial life. He can show you the best way to scan old pictures to your PC or Mac.


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